Top Brands Int


Sky Energy Drink Launch

Top Brands Int. launches Sky Energy Drink, created for people who desire to be charged of energy in moments that require it. Sky Energy Drink is made of a unique combination of flavors made with high quality ingredients. Ideal for activities like studying, workig, during sports practicing, for a night or day out or if all you want is to boost up your energy level. Now available in our Duty Free stores and in authorized distribution points. Sky Energy Drink, alternative energy.

Sales Contest Awards at Dorado Duty Free Stores

Excitement and joy was what sales staff of Dorado Duty Free experienced participating in the grand end of season sales contest organized by operations and marketing management of Top Brands Int. In result of motivation and effort the DDF Golfito team was awarded with the prize in cash, exceeding their monthly goal, success for all!

American Star Beer Launch

For beer lovers with demanding taste in flavor and quality, Top Brands Int. launches the new and unique American´s Star Beer with a Premium and Light version. Its a Lager type of beer, with a accentuade taste, to serve cold, featured for fermenting in a slow condition, adding special yeast, known as yeast with low fermentation. The launch event was held in our Duty Free stores where our clients where able to taste and enjoy of its refreshing taste.

Montgras Training

On Wednesday July 8th, an entertaining training was performed at Top Brands,  Panama led by Pilar Penafiel, Head Exports Mexico, Latin America & Caribbean MontGras . Transmitting their experience and knowledge of the magical world of wine.

Gina Olivares said "Thanks MontGras! We echo your words ... "the difference lies is in its people." Here on Top Brands Int. Panama, we are ordinary people doing different things, which no doubt will be of mutual benefit. "

Angostura Global Cocktail Challenge

The recognized brand Angostura held in Panama City on August 27th the semi-final of its traditional Global Angostura Cocktail Challenge , in which Top Brands participated with their leaders in regional sale. This is the way Top Brand rewards excellence among its employees.

Tour Passport Paris Hilton

The month of July was dedicated to Paris Hilton in Perfumerías Ibiza as recognized destinations of Paris Hilton Passport fragrances where recreated in each store. Costumers and store staff had fun wearing costumes and taking pictures at their favorite destination (St Moritz, Tokyo, South Beach and Paris).

Noche de Música y Diversión

A Tropical Night was experienced in El Dorado Duty Free Liquors in Chile. Where accompanied by good atmosphere and live music was offered to our customers tasting a variety of liqueurs prestigious brands.